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Aanchal Choudhary

RT @MPMIjournal: Using both HIGS and dsRNA-mediate silencing, first author @GhoshSrayan and colleages identified a Rhizoctonia solani zinc…

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Soc. Fr. Phytopathol

RT @PlantDiseaseJ: New study from @USDA_ARS shows risk of vine-to-vine spread of Xylella fastidiosa is greatest in July and August. Read mo…

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Soc Es Fitopatologia

RT @plantdisease: The December issue of @PhytopathologyJ is out, with 12 research articles, a #freelyavailable review, and two open access…

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RT @APSbacteriology: Comparative genomic analyses reveal functional insights into key determinants of the pathogenesis of Pectobacterium ac…

1 month ago

MPMI Journal

CRZ1 orthologs is known to affect pathogenicity of other fungi, including Magnaporthe oryzae and Fusarium graminear…

1 month ago

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