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Que noite foi aql com o meu amor! 😍💏

6 hours ago

Oi, tenho interesse 🌈

Que eu me dei conta de que eu n merecia aql, com isso eu n choro mais

8 hours ago

Bibo Myrrha

@toni2002_ antônio, posta aql com o portela e o furletti que tá ótima

11 hours ago


@Liajaguaryo peteca eh aql com pena porra

1 day ago


@reachbrabo @SurFyyZinhuu @SluuckeCreative lek eu so tinha dito oq tinha haver aql com feed, ai tu quer tretar por isso ?

3 days ago

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Adam Schiff

Waste, fraud and abuse: Don Jr. cost taxpayers nearly $100,000 for a trip to India to sell Trump properties. If th…

1 day ago

Charlie Kirk

Did you know: The coffee shop where @Ocasio2018 “got her start” had to close down because minimum wage hikes have…

1 day ago


I’m mostly interested to know at what point Albus Dumbledore decided smart, grey three-piece suits were out, and em…

1 day ago

Autumn Joy

RT @NPR: The images may seem unusual to some — um, why is that guy standing on the toilet lid to do his business? But the signs perform a…

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11月24(土)「smart 1月号」 表紙:齋藤飛鳥

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