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the arab just gave me a whole box of woods 🤣 I don’t even be buying em like that

36 minutes ago

Brite Temple

@robreiner Do you think the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES would have done this deal if they thought Trump was going to lose?…

3 hours ago


RT @DonaldJTrumpJr: Trump gets a peace deal done between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and he didn’t even have to send $150 billion t…

4 hours ago


RT @w_terrence: TRUMP DID THAT!! YES HE DID President @realDonaldTrump brokered an historic peace deal between Israel & the United Arab Em…

4 hours ago

Ian Black

RT @OferZalzberg: The US-Israel-UAE deal is a major blow to Israeli annexationists. Their champion just decided to lock annexation in a box…

6 hours ago

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