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mike's flaccid lemonade👻

@KateySagaI @Elphaba_Anne i;m with taylor i didn't mind the sharon stone arc! i think i read an article where she s…

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RT @Elphaba_Anne: Someone in the comments for the SVU after show called me a “bandwagon hater” but like: 1) I will love SVU until my dying…

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RT for a chance to win one of 11 #PAXWest inspired Xbox Design Lab controllers! NoPurchNec. Ends 9/3/18.…

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BREAKING: The U.S cut all funding to a UN agency that provides food, water, healthcare and education to 5 million P…

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Joaquin Castro

U.S. Citizens in Texas are being denied full rights of citizenship and having their citizenship questioned based on…

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Frank Felt

The News in Cartoons - David Horsey/Tribune Content Agency

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मुकुल सत्यन्वेषी

RT @ramprasad_c: Why don’t you write one? You’re so good at writing history based on your fantasies.

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