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Visit Portugal

São Bento in #Porto, ranks #1 in the list of "10 extraordinary #train #stations to #travel through before you die"…

11 hours ago

The Spectrum

In a statement, the Utah DPS reminded people that it's illegal to install any kind of structure or art on federal p…

10 hours ago

National Geographic

Unexpected patterns, shadows, and colors transform these buildings into works of art

2 days ago

Rust Belt USA Urbex

Here is #blackandwhite Lightroom look I created. This is Rock City Falls, NY again - the detail of the mill dam wi…

14 minutes ago

Rust Belt USA Urbex

Here is color Lightroom look I created. This is Rock City Falls, NY, proud home of the modern paper bag! Actually t…

14 minutes ago

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Donald J. Trump

In 2016, the ABC News/Washington Post Poll was such a complete disaster that these two Fake News Organizations chan…

1 month ago


I hear some radio stations have told OAPs not to mention anything #EndSars on the radio ..... it’s as bad as if the…

1 month ago

Joe Biden

One in five small businesses have closed. More than 25 million Americans are on unemployment. Millions are at risk…

1 month ago


@ChuckCallesto Even after the #covid? He must be hanging on by a thread! Could it be that the Wuhan Virus is not a…

1 month ago


While the whole world is able to live freely, develop itself and just be normal, democratic Armenia is forced into…

1 month ago