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Libel Trump

@RealDonaldTrump is so broke he can't even buy a suit that fits

23 minutes ago

Bitch Means Well

@KateKsaunders @Gumbonutz @WhippetRun @bbkaksy @KrisRPhillips @TheBeatWithAri Agreed! And may I point out how ridic…

24 minutes ago

Catherine Chun

We'll just head over to Omicron and hope there's a Power Suit that fits you -- you know, so you don't implode while in the abyss.

29 minutes ago

Calum Craig

@GAPonsonby @WingsScotland I know he's a big lad but can Brian Taylor really not find a suit and shirt that fits him properly?

33 minutes ago


@dignity you’ll still lose a lot but i do this. lmao. the suit will be more likely than getting a card that fits in…

35 minutes ago

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