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Between my overalls and new haircut, I look like a Peaky Blinder before getting his first kill subsequent tailored suit.

3 minutes ago


@FAaboderin @ConnCFC Not that he didn’t suit our style because Rafa tailored the team to him like he did with him a…

13 minutes ago

Sernardo Bilva

@JmeBBK If you need a tailored suit hit me up fam

46 minutes ago

Ana 🥀

Some of the answers are in Spanish so if you are wondering, at the moment it’s a werewolf, man, wearing a fine tail…

1 hour ago

Hell's Bitch💐

tailored a magical suit to revive my big dead son

1 hour ago

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You smoking a black n mild in a fashion nova trenchcoat you cant even beat yourself bro

1 month ago

Clay Travis

Stock market up a thousand points. Sports roaring back. Doom and gloomers headed back to their caves to plot the next apocalypse.

1 month ago

Dr o'stojić predrag

RT @cervezadviernes: Momento después del tele trabajo con la Hop House 13 Lager Style: Pale Lager Alc. 5% Vol. 33cl. IBU’s n/a Brewery: @Gu…

1 month ago

Mike May

@IsabelOakeshott Yes but if he was to succumb as a result of lack of staff/equipment/oxygen etc., it would rather p…

1 month ago