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Robert Tyler

Blog Post: The Thorn in the side of Government... #Legalis- eIt #EqualMarriage #Religion #Atheist

8 years ago


@Bandit72 @rickygervais UK census data: atheist up from 15% to 25%; christians down from 72% to 59%. Cheers for that!

8 years ago

Mustafa Yıldız

RT @PaulTOwen: Church of England: all the atheist campaigners in Britain could not fill Old Trafford

8 years ago

Ciaran Butler Catholic Cartoon Blog: It's "CHRISTMAS", not "HOLIDAY"!!

8 years ago


RT @NewHumanist: Help get a copy of @AlomShaha's Young Atheist's Handbook into every secondary school

8 years ago

Terence Eden

Two years ago, I was asking people to tick the "No Religion" box on the census - https://-

8 years ago

Minah Nur Khasanah

(AN blog) 'Tis the Season: I *will* say "Happy Holidays".  Because I am disrespecting Christm... #atheism #atheist

8 years ago

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