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Regina Carol Moore

Just debated atheist with a nutter. I learned I prefer snarky jokes. I also made a cheesecake. Evening not a total waste!

8 years ago


@CarcasticSunt 'Atheist art showed a pregnant Virgin Mary longing for a Soviet Abortion' - my presentation on religion is so jokes LOOOLL

8 years ago

Andrew Skegg

“@gatorboy: @askegg I see you got jokes” // No. I am a soulless, lifeless, joyless, miserable atheist.

8 years ago


The #bible is one of the worlds oldest joke books. It was never intended to be taken seriously #atheism #atheist #christianity #jokes

8 years ago

Kylℯ كايل

@Ayman_Raheem @k4sper_ we're both atheist so your prayer does nothing so jokes on you go back to kindergarten

8 years ago

Rita Flood

Funny Jokes | An Atheist and a Bear Joke | Comedy Central

8 years ago

Marco Z

Darn!Unicorns-related atheist jokes need now a new cryptid!"@PharmacistScott:RT @GuardianUS: Unicorn lair 'discovered'"

8 years ago

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