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Rep Andy Biggs

Yesterday, Dr. Scott Atlas again laid out the facts about COVID-19 in a clear, concise manner. Unlike Fauci, Birx,…

16 hours ago

James Todaro, MD

Dr. Atlas explains T-cell immunity on @IngrahamAngle tonight stating evidence suggests T-cell immunity: - comes fr…

14 hours ago

Liz Wheeler

Dr. Scott Atlas politely CRUSHES the MSM who refuse to listen to the science on COVID-19.

1 day ago

Juan Buxadé

RT @RusoZamogilny: El clásico regio no alcanza la magnitud de un Clásico Nacional, pero HOY está muy por encima de un Chivas Vs Atlas. En c…

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Why so much anxiety? What’s to worry about? You’ve The Atlas and The Perfect Heel💃 Load-up, stop being a chicken.…

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