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Ellen DeGeneres

I’m getting my shoulder pads down from the attic. @DrewBrees

4 hours ago

Paul Hayward

Could someone let Diego Costa out of the attic to stop this noise? It's one of those feuds where nobody can even remember what started it.

12 hours ago

Chris Regan

Steve Bannon will now return to Dorian Gray's attic.

8 hours ago

Best Architecture

Please RT if you like!! #architecture #design #architects #interiordesign Renovation of a Two Story...…

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Architecture Dreams

Please RT if you like!! #architecture #design #architects #interiordesign Renovation of a Two Story Attic...…

17 seconds ago

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You have outdone all my dreams I dreamt from my bedroom when I started this as a 14 year old boy I never expect to come this far thank you

7 hours ago

Good Morning America

"Have you talked to [Pres. Trump] directly yet?" - @RobinRoberts "I have not and now I will not." - Susan Bro, mot…

13 hours ago


RT @sugafull27: I'm writing this twt for all i-armys who love b/ts. Few days ago I got a long msg from a fellow k-army asking for help. Thi…

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