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Menos Trece

Periodista: "Voy a manipular este audio" Figura: *le da entrevista a un chaval haciendo stream desde su casa* Per…

19 hours ago


@elduki_messi Ahh es el audio de la tablet de la ke hice el stream de twitch?

4 hours ago

Michael Baylor

Propellant loading should now be underway if SpaceX is still targeting a 9:57 ET launch of Eutelsat 10B, but the mi…

1 week ago


RT @Dz6ZZLdr2B16EKr: hikaruさんの新曲「アングリーハングリー」が公開中です- ボーカルがyusukeさんでかっこ良い仕上がりになってお- りましたので是非 #ボカロ #vocanew #VOCALOID YouTubeへのリンク → hikaru -…

17 minutes ago

Mr. Rumble Roses

so this is "fun" to bring up but. due to the craziness from yesterday and trying to hopefully fix some possible iss…

20 minutes ago

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