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Ted Cruz

California Big Tech is ALL IN behind Beto. Ever wonder why your social media posts disappear? Are tech companies c…

3 weeks ago

Alyssa Milano

REMINDER @realDonaldTrump: There were armed guards at Columbine, Virginia Tech, Pulse, Parkland, Sante Fe, etc. Y…

3 weeks ago

Subramanian Swamy

It is very sad that the single minority community, the Jews, which contributed so much to the emergence of US as a…

3 weeks ago

Jared A. Chambers

RT @C4CEO: Everyone who said, "We don't need regulation. Twitter is private. Just start your own." can officially EAD. Big tech owns every…

3 weeks ago

Tommy Birch

ICYMI: At halftime of today's game, Iowa State coach Matt Campbell asked his team which type they were: contender o…

3 weeks ago