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The most powerful #Ferrari V12 yet will take you to the 12th dimension: #812Superfast

3 weeks ago

Ted Lieu

Dear @realDonaldTrump: US auto sales dropped 8%; Ford is shedding most of its car lineup; and GM is cutting 1,500 j…

3 weeks ago

Arvind Jha

Heard this from auto driver in Blr - he was certain that the most corrupt congress MLAs would be arm twisted into j…

3 weeks ago

Winston Smith

@lombardi_joseph @michellmabell2 @PersonalTims @Steamboater @shannonrwatts @NRA @DLoesch @MomsDemand Semi auto rifl…

2 weeks ago

sophie 2.0

If u know. The most offputting thing about the kardashians.

2 weeks ago

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