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Marshall Mathers

You can’t take Ed anywhere, man. The guy is just destructive! #RIVER BTS @EDSHEERAN

1 week ago

Michael Del Moro

SCOOP: The family of murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich just filed a lawsuit against Fox News, reporter Malia Zimmerman…

1 week ago

Sally Kohn

The Supreme Court ruling in Brown vs Board of Ed was a direct result of student protests and walkouts. Time and tim…

1 week ago

Isa Bella

@binottofranco @MauroLisanti @metaanto @Dreffy @lameduck1960 Bugiardo e ridicolo, rinnegato e falso! Ma cmq non è g…

1 week ago


RT @RadioAirplay_it: @Valerio_Scanu è pronto a tornare in #radio da domani con ilnuovo singolo #EdIo #NewSingle #OnAir #radiodate-https://t…

1 week ago