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@shyamsek Undoubtedly we can bet on Autos, may be not the OEMs directly but surely on proxies… Ppl r buying cars le…

2 days ago

Samko Autos

RT @terex444: I pity many of you smoking anything with rich kids ,when una craze now they'll fly them abroad . You go come dey disturb us f…

4 days ago

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Gustavo Petro

Juro a Dios y al pueblo de Colombia cumplir firmemente la Constitución y las leyes de Colombia.

1 month ago

Nancy Pelosi

Over 8 million American diabetics rely on insulin but Republicans said NO to a $35 monthly cap on insulin for peopl…

1 month ago

CAP Action

These Republicans BLOCKED a $35 cap on insulin.

1 month ago