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RT @poutybobohu: I’m sorry but I can’t ignore the fact that sm stopped baekhyun’s solo promotions so he can have time to prepare for this m…

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Abdul_Nasser Baker #Gaza

سلمٌ لما سالمك.. حربٌ لمن حاربك.. والويل لمن عاداك ... #سلما_حربا_بايعناك #سياج- _الوطن #سلما_حربا_بايعناك

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Abdul_Nasser Baker #Gaza

🇵🇸نصر الله: داعش بات بعيداً عن لبنان مئات الكيلومترات ونشكر الجيش السوري والقوات الشعبية وإيران وكل من وقف معنا #سلما_حربا_بايعناك

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Barack Obama

With summer winding down, here’s a sampling of what Michelle and I have been listening to — some new, some old, som…

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Christian McCaffrey

I don’t wear a hand warmer over my belt cmon Madden 🤦🏼‍♂️

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RT @MKBHD: I remember when the first YouTuber (Fred) hit 1 million subscribers Then a couple years later @pewdiepie was the first to pass…

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just found out there's a jollibee funko pop and i need it

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