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Easy to wear #AbayaOverall-Ashfa 3 is the one that you love to wear over and over.🤎 . . 📷: Abaya Overall-Ashfa 3 Al…

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Faysal Nasir Bolaji

@LHampard Ameen wa antum Abu Banaat 😃

10 hours ago

Markazul Ilm 4NB

❗️NEW SEMESTER October 17, 2020❗️ Markazul Ilm LiNisaa wa Banaat 📚📝 Females Cultivating Females upon Quran and Sunn…

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@migschavez30 @kyleVelino @MiggyJimenez23 @KychMinemoto_ Galing nga ng banaat

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Cynophobically Ophidiophobic

Wallahi it is disheartening that modern day Banaat wants to just feel belonged. I have always emphasized on why on…

1 day ago

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