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Surendhar MK

Entering the IPL with a bang, have you listened to the theme song of @SunRisers yet? Check it out now. #RiseLikeTheSun @tcl_india

21 hours ago

Bill Plunkett

Get out your reading glasses but it says “Houston Cheats Bang Bang” Has been circling as Astros work out at…

1 week ago

Alex Berenson

We bang the drums for the truth. We don't let this fade out. There can be no, oh, "we're okay wearing masks and bei…

2 days ago

💜Yeontan ⁷ 💜 ☾

RT @charts_k: Suga on why he started KKUL FM: "I thought, ‘If I will never be able to perform on stage again, then what would my life be?’…

just now

~Sunny☀ | 📌

RT @feeIvivid: new plan: ab6ix pre releases mirror in mid november or december, they perform it in the year end shows, people get hyped and…

2 minutes ago

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Donald J. Trump

On Air Force One heading to Wisconsin. Biden refused to go there to apologize for not showing up for the failed Dem…

3 days ago

BigHit Entertainment

[기사] Watch #BTS Rock 'America's Got Talent' With an Explosive 'Dynamite' Performance

4 days ago


Exclusive: Top military police considered using a “heat ray” that makes the skin feel like it’s burning on D.C. pro…

4 days ago

Gustavo Lins

Kkkkkkk eu achava que era só japonês que fazia esses vídeos

3 days ago

eun will stay.

RT @INNlE97: back door is on the verge of dropping out of top 100 on genie and our mv views performance is decreasing too )): again, we nee…

3 days ago