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Christian Sudjian ⚽

RT @soccer_beast07: Honeslty we did a good job this tournament, it was jst basic errors that we can easily fix ! Im proud that we got th ...

6 years ago

Jessica Riviera

@GameFodderLive Basic. Learned back in PeeWee days. Simple.

6 years ago

Fat Sosa 2 Kream

@ImJUST_me33 too basic. I was making those at 12

6 years ago


Christmas warning on gift vouchers: MORE than half the gift cards examined by a Fair Trading investigation failed to provide basic in...

6 years ago


@JohnCoreyTurner con: the relationship, ok its basic anime relationship with misunderstandings and what not... but with an extra undead ex

6 years ago

Jack Edmund Beatty

I offered because I thought you had too much basic human decency to accept...

6 years ago

Dave Roberts

RT @Andy_Dutton: Film idea - Sharon Stone opens a cheap, smelly pub. Basic Inn Stinked.

6 years ago

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