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@VonStinkelbaum @DamCou Haha I’m not a fan of the headstocks to be honest. I’m a bass player so mostly thinking of…

30 minutes ago

Clark Kent

@nilslofgren Love your playing Nils and have been a fan for years. Funny how the Drummer, Bass player and Pianist i…

45 minutes ago

Anamika {sid❤️nazz}

@Sena56125571 @ChShubash Didi yea delete Kar do ♥️ o dabo ko Moka mil geya bass Sana ko defam Kar ne ki pisai par g…

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RT @mayhem_crimson: A SpongeBob SquarePants fan did the math based on Bubble Bass' order in the episode Pickles and they concluded that his…

2 hours ago

Uptown Girl 😍

@Aniiiiish @biharigurl @NagpurKaRajini @onetiponehand_ @ExSecular @ugtunga @Isoumyas Bass ka... Fan toh tumhare hai yaha sab... 🤩🤩

2 hours ago

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