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Aaron Torres

In the last four days, Texas Tech has beaten Kansas at home and Baylor on the road - and did it without their best…

5 days ago

Allen Watson

@jswltn @Horns247 @TaylorEstes247 @ChipBrown247 @JeffHowe247 @MikeRoach247 @NickHarris247 @247Sports Know what your…

13 minutes ago

Baylor Ward

Chiefs fans how y’all feeling? These are the guys that are just trying to have fun

55 minutes ago

Mech Bidness 2022

@pat_hdx But the biggest reason I've held off from Baylor for so long is Baylor fans.

1 hour ago

For the Record...

RT @RodgersJakevian: Follow my new Instagram Baylor fans #SicEm

1 hour ago

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