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TCAF The Toronto Comic Arts Festival

TCAF Co-Founder Peter Birkemoe (The Beguiling) has launched a new Publisher, BDP, and the Kickstarter for their fir…

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운몽강씨 되고싶은 강횹뇸🍑

무선아 기억나 나이때 너가 선년줄 알고 선녀옷입고서 하늘로 돌아가는줄알고 옷 훔쳤다가 함광군한테 걸려서 가규 1000번 쓰는벌 받고 오른손 아짝난잖아

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Vous faites les choqués mais y'a que quand je tweet des trucs comme ca que vous kiffez bdp

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mes af1 mieux que vous bdp

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