Beer tweets

Feej Writier

@KTPinMS @thile I'll try to do anything once. I lurve beer and I love to cook. Seems made for each other.

11 years ago

Scott Micka

RT @dogfishbeer: Submit your ingredient/story ideas for our #GratefulDead collab beer American Beauty! Details & video here: http:// ...

11 years ago

Ashlay Jake

"@Rane_Shradha: Its been almost 3 weeks since my last beer and cigarette. Whattey acheivment."Hmmm you still long for it bb:-) try nd avoid

11 years ago


yeah im chillin' on a dirt road, layed by swervin like im george jones, somke rollin' out the window, ice cold beer in the council.

11 years ago

Chris W

He ones me five bottle of beer. I've cleaned uo the glass and had to use a towel to mop up the beer. Not having a good day.

11 years ago

My Fat Gremlin

@00Samson I have beer, just one lady and Saturday night TV. It's too cold to go outside anyway. At least that's my excuse :-)

11 years ago

✗!♥Eat My Puffzs♥!✗

@iDigKraziChicks idc LOOOOOL I want my beer tooooo

11 years ago

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