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According to Galaxy Research, the WORST CHRISTMAS GIFTS are books, dressing gowns, lingerie, photo frame, socks and bath gels

10 years ago

Vanessa G

Ahhh Dierks Bentley! LOVE LOVE LOVE! All of his songs rock my socks. #ACAs

10 years ago

Luciano Becchio

@Jack_Bentley_ never liked them! Haha yeah with the White socks over the black ones, classic Sunday league winger! Puma are reliable too!

10 years ago

Leann Bentley

I just can't sleep with socks on, its a serious problem.

10 years ago

Jacey Lane

I just looked under my bed and Bentley has been hoarding three pairs of my socks a few pairs of underwear and a bra #sellingyounow

10 years ago

Jade Vi Britannia

@DalishCassassin Aww bless your little cotton socks. Now you've made me think of Mr Bentley though

10 years ago


I want diamond socks

10 years ago

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