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Tavleen Singh

Why do celebrated TV anchors in English and Hindi channels get bullied night after night by BJP spokesmen?? We were…

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The British Academy

"If we want to enhance both our engagement with the rest of the world and our national social cohesion, we need our…

1 hour ago

Nupur J Sharma

After a few conversations about our history, I have made a solemn vow to start reading books in Hindi. There is so…

4 days ago

mana ⁷ ||낙원||

RT @btseternaIs: yoongi found an English book and thought it was namjoon’ but it was hobi’s omg 🥺 at least hoseok knows his English is gett…

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RT @trevor_stables: If someone had Covid and took time to die from say, Organ failure, perhaps after à long time on a ventilator The Englis…

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