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My new year resolution is to pack lunch from home at least 3 days out of the week. #betterbudgeting#healthiercho- ices#tryingtoloseweight

2 weeks ago

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“The $5 billion approved by the House is such a small amount compared to the level of the problem," Trump said of U…

2 weeks ago


These 3 Trump associates secretly steered the VA. They reviewed a confidential draft of a $10 bill gov't contract.…

2 weeks ago

Stephanie Kelton

It’s long past time progressives get a handle on fiscal policy and responsible budgeting. This is way off the mark.

2 weeks ago

Standard Right Finance

It's 2019, your financial freedom must be well supported with proper budgeting and savings.

2 weeks ago


Coming strong with an inventive team. Using #innovation ways in; targeting, budgeting, logistics، locations, schedu…

2 weeks ago