Bibliography And Thesis tweets


@Raj__Rocks for English it's the bibliography cards from all sources and the 2 typed thesis statements

7 years ago


"@Asli7: Can someone make my template, bibliography and so on? Harder than writing the thesis."

7 years ago

Dianne Siriban

@oppakanorstyle Your website needs "about the authors", "research thesis & outline" and bibliography pages. Please complete writeups

7 years ago

Joy and Destroy

supposed to be at party. made bibliography and organized thesis materials instead. whoops.

7 years ago

Natalie San Luis

few things feel better than brushing your teeth after 5 hours of thesis and 8 pages of prospectus/annotated bibliography

7 years ago

Amber Carpenter

I will honestly pay someone to do this annotated bibliography and spruce up my thesis statement. $20, anyone?

7 years ago

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