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Once big enough to swallow three Earths with room to spare, Jupiter's Great Red Spot has been shrinking for a centu…

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World News Tonight

LUCKY CHARM: Sister Jean, the 98-year-old team chaplain and secret weapon behind the Loyola-Chicago Cinderella stor…

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Champions For Life

Can't wait to watch @TexasWBB play tonight for a spot in the #EliteEight! Hear why senior Ariel Atkins is a Big 12…

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RT @ikkyping: @RaeComm That's pretty much spot on. Still see ourselves as a 'big' football nation but we've been overtaken and left behind…

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RT @NirtendoAmerica: Hey there, #SuperMarioOdyssey fans! Here's the new Hint Art, and it's a big one this time; you can discover a Power Mo…

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アニメ ソードアート・オンライン 公式

《アリシゼーション》編、スタッフ情報&最新PVを公開!新監督は小野学さんに決定! 原作:川原 礫(「電撃文庫」刊) 原作イラスト・キャラクターデザイン原案:abec 監督:小野 学 キャラクターデザイン:足立慎吾/鈴木 豪/西口…

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アニメ ソードアート・オンライン 公式

TVアニメ「ソードアート・オンライン アリシゼーション」2018年10月放送開始! キャラクターデザイン足立慎吾描き下ろしキービジュアルを公開!! #sao_anime

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Rahul Gandhi

BJP lying factory at work: Journalist set to break big story on how Cambridge Analytica (CA) was paid to infiltra…

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ponnu sunny badalera

RT @krassenstein: Before the Parkland massacre the @NRA spent $11,300 a day on online ads. After the Parkland massacre the NRA has spent $…

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