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Linkin AI

AI today is described in breathless terms as computer algorithms that use silicon incarnations of our organic brain…

1 month ago

Greyfang_Darkpaw (Creepy Creatures Canada)

@KruglovSniper New computer but hasnt arrived yet...partner bought for bday was dec 20 so i bought a small s…

1 month ago

Shrishubham Kumar

RT @royalsociety: Today in 1791, the father of the computer, Charles Babbage FRS was born. While he is best known for his mechanical comput…

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Computer Parts

498330-001 - Hewlett-Packard (HP) 498330-001 - 2.1Ghz 512KB AMD Sempron SI-42 Mobile CPU Processor…

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はてなダイアリーで投稿失敗したら /ZmSqz9zioh 「エントリーの投稿に失敗しました- 。時間を置いて再度お試し下さい。(syntax error)」 というエラーダイアログが表示され,編集内容- が全て消えてしまう。 回避方法を紹介。

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