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Jemele Hill

Also: Fans are quick to tell black athletes they don’t have a right to speak up about anything because they’re rich…

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Symone D. Sanders

“If only a knee in Freddie Gray’s back upset you as much as a knee on the ground, this would be over” - Black America

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Candace Owens

“Misleading” is putting it lightly. I have people from my high school telling me that the media is calling around t…

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RT @erikhalvorsen18: @Isikoff @JillWineBanks Torshin paid for Wisconsin “Sherriff” Clarke's Moscow trip to meet the spies running the inter…

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RT @FatKidDeals: 65" 4k HDR Smart TV for $513, only 19 in stock! Use promo code; PMEMDAY at checkout with PayPal…

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Rep. Don Beyer

Scott Pruitt confirmed that he has set up a legal defense fund, to help pay costs related to the huge number of fed…

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Nat Geo Travel

Ashford Castle is a fairytale property, and a majestic gateway to the delights of Ireland's fabled west…

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⎯̲ 𓊸 ᛧ 𓍱 🍯𐬹 𓊆 JAEHIT Y. 𓊇 𐬹🐻 𓍲 ᛧ 𓊸 ⎯̲ LA

RT @theAzzy: ลองร้านใหม่ Coffee Cones เครื่องดื่มเสิร์ฟในโคนช็อกโกแลต โคนโคตรอร่อยยยย มีกาแฟ ช็อกโกแลต ชาเขียว ชาไทย แบบร้อนกะเย็น โปะวิปค…

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RT @iam_shinice: “Gateway to Heaven”& “ Diana” 😂😂😂😂😂

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