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Someone tag these ranked star bums messaging me after winning a game with blitz in a 5 stack

2 weeks ago


@Blitzwinger I am enjoying the mc Pokemon more now I am watching the latest episode and it is freeking awsome it's…

2 weeks ago

Maycol Gamer

He añadido un vídeo a una lista de reproducción de @YouTube ( - ESTO PASA CUANDO VAS DUO BOT: BLITZ Full AP

2 weeks ago

Richard Casteel

RT @8bitThoreall: Review: Mortal Blitz (PS4)

2 weeks ago

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Dave Zirin

Stunning play calling by Oklahoma offense at end of game and in OT. Took the ball out of the hands of their Heisman…

2 weeks ago

Make in India

Gamer Alert. Four Made-In-India games to look forward this year. #MakeInIndia Take a look at @ndtv's list...…

2 weeks ago

Rami Ismail

This remains so important: good games require a diversity of backgrounds, and not being a "die-hard gamer" can actu…

3 weeks ago


RT @ZineUnion: Me every single time #gamer #gaming #videogames #games #gamers

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Me every single time #gamer #gaming #videogames #games #gamers

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