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Lim Kit Siang

If not for the Sheraton Move and the ensuing political turmoil, Malaysia would not have suffered the second wave of…

1 week ago

Lim Kit Siang

Malaysia can learn an inter-faith lesson from Germany where a Berlin church hosted Muslim prayer to illustrate how…

3 days ago

Muhamat Abdul Rahman

Kontroversi Malaysia-Indonesia 1962-1966! – Takusahrisau's Blog!

8 hours ago

Curse of Sebs (They/ Them) We Need To Do Better

RT @tunkaipoh: @NerdBurgerCraig @DissectingWrlds I'm Kai Poh of Role Over Play Dead in Malaysia. We make small RPGs and dungeons. Store pag…

10 hours ago

Iskandar Abdul Kadir

Like Florida, part of Malaysia too is a peninsula. A launch site in Malaysia a possibility?

10 hours ago

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Francis Baraan IV

NEW ZEALAND HAS EFFECTIVELY ELIMINATED COVID-19. HOW: 1. Mass testing 2. Contact tracing 3. Strict travel ban poli…

15 hours ago

James O'Brien

The devil may prove to be in the detail but imagine sitting at your desk, at the very heart of the govt's response…

1 day ago


Federal records show OSHA worked for six years to create new rules to prepare for an airborne infectious disease pa…

1 day ago


RT @RADIOVOXORG: Nós da rádio fomos vítimas desses picaretas. Agora queremos ver essa turma toda julgada e atrás das grades caso a Justiça…

5 hours ago