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James Woods

Isn’t life ironic? Now millions come home and make fun of you AND the New York Times.

2 weeks ago


Hey, everyone. The outpouring of love has been overwhelming. I did file a police report, I got home safely, & I'l…

2 weeks ago


i’m on my first break in my entire career. i’ve been on 3 tours this year. i’m loving being home for more than 2 da…

2 weeks ago


RT @ConsolidatedUS: PersonalFinance #Tip of the Week #Contest Share, retweet, regram weekly #tips for your chance to #win $50. #DebtSucks G…

1 week ago


RT @idhamarsad: “Abi not going to job. Abi just go park the car and go home” “don’t say bye. Abi not going shooting” HAHHAHA CUTE LA YOU SE…

1 week ago