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Gustavo Bolívar

Muchos critican por qué volví a Semana, a Blu y a la FM Radio, medios con los que no hablaba hace un año. La respue…

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Emily Galvin-Almanza

Special prize today to @Delta for letting me and my husband into their lounge because we have a specific credit car…

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Kyle Griffin

Rep. Adam Schiff to CBS: "The idea that, 18 months after the fact, Donald Trump could simply announce, 'well, I'm r…

19 hours ago

Stonks & Stinks

RT @DylanLeClair_: Remember when politicians, health officials, big tech, big pharma, the MSM, etc. all coordinated to lie about the effica…

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RT @examupdt: Its really unfortunate that R18 students are not getting any subject exemption or grace marks as of now. It has been hard tim…

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