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@ew_the_ewe This is Buck "Bluefur" Bunyan He can turn into pretty much any horned and hoofed animal He is based o…

1 day ago

william minecraft

RT @lobotomutt: bluefur, sitting across the riverclan border: snowfur: watch out! i think oakheart likes you oakheart, rising from the rive…

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@catonfire25 I always remember your bruno is orange part so? Bluefur I guess?

2 days ago


RT @Kii_CatArt: The 18th Alterclan assignment on WA had to do with Tiny joining Thunderclan. Sunstar decided to humor himself. Bluefur is…

2 days ago

Turkeyflight // LOST STARS SPOILERS //

@Theorycats Yeah, we've had queen POVs with Bluefur, Mapleshade and Leafstar but none of them have been in the main series.

2 days ago

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