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Joe Biden

It’s long past time to raise the minimum wage, so hardworking people earn at least $15 an hour. I hope that Demo…

3 days ago

Ted Lieu

Dear @GOPLeader: You want to heal? Then you & @POTUS should make a public statement saying: -there was no mass ele…

4 days ago

Seth Rogen

It’s simple. These GOP “leaders” NEED to acknowledge they lost the election. If they don’t, they’re inciting violen…

4 days ago


RT @kpop_txt10: We always feel sad and angry whenever the boys are disrespected and that's something we can change by working harder for th…

2 days ago


@Blue_in_green8 @aburaagegohan ハマにハマれー ハマにハマれー

2 days ago