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The media is breathless w/ news that the NYC killer said Allahu Akbar. What did Dylan Roof yell before he killed 9 church parishioners?

3 weeks ago

Terrence Williams

The attack in New York was sick‼️Since the Media is Scared to say it umm a Muslim did it!#manhattanshooting

3 weeks ago

Oliver Darcy

I spoke to Fox News employees who told me their network's coverage of yesterday's Russia news was "an embarrassment"

3 weeks ago

買いもの上手 - メディア

Dedication 最安値 ⇒ 758円 #Zomby #4ad/Ada

2 weeks ago

Mary Ellen Balcome

RT @NewtTrump: Sarah Huckabee Sanders destroys the press—says Trump's biggest flaw is that he has to deal with the Fake News media! https:/…

2 weeks ago