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Dan Bongino

How does it feel to be a Democrat knowing that your blue state governors are fully committed to bankrupting you, yo…

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Tom Felton

Surely the way you treat animals , the planet and other muggles outweighs the size or shape of any part of your anatomy.....right ?

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Naomi Campbell

I would like to firstly say THANK YOU for all the birthday love, well wishes and blessings! I’m so thankful to have…

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最初は保護のための悪口なんだよな… 大人は悪口言う人とは友- 達にならなきゃいいと言うけど、だってあんな小さな世界でやっ- てくの難しすぎる、そもそもあんな小さな世界で自分を嫌いな人- がいる時点でかなりマイナスなのに… …保護のための悪口がそ- れが癖にならないようにな…

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(스밍중) 뮤아그르

우리 집 앞 휴대폰 가게에서 맨날 비투비 노래 나옴 방금도 아아 나왓음 ㅠㅠ

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