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Have you heard of this sport? It is called Boffer fighting

17 hours ago

Shaina Carmel Indovino

I'd say boffer weapons, but you can still hurt people with those so... nahhhh

21 hours ago

🌄 💧 “dropbear” ❦ 16 ❦ he/him

@coilingoracle on one hand: i have done some boffer fighting in LARP games on the other hand: not sure that transla…

1 day ago

Shea C Reinke

@BobcatRobin Yeah! Boffer larp! I played a Son of Ether. 3 Dots in spirit :) ghost buster 😁

1 day ago

Robin Bobcat

@SheaReinke I do miss playing a Pooka. The number of times I had people believing every word I said... ...and the…

1 day ago

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billboard charts

This week's top-selling songs: 1. @BTS_twt Film Out 2. @silksonic Leave The Door Open 3. @LilNasX Montero (Call Me…

17 hours ago


[기사] #방탄소년단 ‘Dynamite’ 뮤직비디오, 10억뷰 돌파! 통산 3번째 10억뷰 MV 기록

1 day ago

J-Coin Pay【キャンペーン実施中!】

/ 新生活応援フォロー&RTキャンペーン その場で合計100名さまに✨ Amazonギフト券3,000円分が当たる🎉 \ 便利な送金・決済アプリ「J-Coin Pay」を使って新生活を始めよう! ①@jcoinpayをフォロー…

11 hours ago


@xarc_i لان الظهر والعصر اكون نايمه وهذاي خلصت صلاة وبنام للاذان 💔

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@laurien2702 Nein fr ist 1.3 oder so war vorhin dc am Laptop

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