Bong tweets

ZhaBong Amor

I don't want strawberries hangin around my chocolate cake. It is called chocolate cake for a reason-it's chocolate. Leave it alone!

8 years ago

Rosa Negra

I think zordon was actually just talking, living, weed smoke. I mean he was practically inside a huge glass bong

8 years ago

Buffy Bong

#Moving :(

8 years ago

Meredith Dever

Rip a shot, hit the bong, going all night long...

8 years ago

jessica loftus


8 years ago


@ShawnOTAT_SQUAD that's why its always good to have a bong on deck like i do

8 years ago

Molly Mayday

im glad im working tonight instead of sitting at home doing nothing,..could definitely use a bong load or 10 right now tho.

8 years ago

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