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Yana Santiago

Happy birthday, @liljishere!

6 years ago


id better have a book of crossword puzzles somewhere....

6 years ago


Teacher: "Where's your book?!" Me: "At home." Teacher: "And what's it doing there?" Me: "Having more fun than me."

6 years ago


Entrepreneurship Self-help, Entrepreneur Book Authored By 60 Mentors And Millionaires. #money #owner

6 years ago

joanne caldwell

@seananstee @thomcarey ha ha, he looks middle aged with his suduko book. Have a fun weekend boys xx

6 years ago


Then I filmed him eating breakfast slowly at his table as he read a book.

6 years ago


So my granny has just received a certain book from her friend and intends to read it.....that book is 50 Shades Of Grey #dirtylady

6 years ago

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