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Jim Foster

Paisley is 75, got back from a week at Rainbow Lake, France, this morning. Off the ferry 7am & straight to Sandown selling books! Legendary

6 years ago


RT @Batreeesyia: I like smelling new books.

6 years ago

Julia Simpson

#Shutterfly ~ Save 50% on Photo Books, Cards & Calendars

6 years ago


@kodefmedia exactly i wasnt raised around TV only books and nature so i see things from the inside out :) and thats how it should be

6 years ago

Ripley Bruner

there are hundreds of financial books already out there but 60 Days to Change comes in from a very different vantage poin

6 years ago

We ♥ One Direction

2 years, 2 albums, +32 songs, 3 books, +59 awards, 3 world records, 1 film, 6 videos, 4 tours, 65 tattoos, 1 dream = One Direction 

6 years ago

Linda G. Lee

100 Notable Books of 2012

6 years ago

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