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Silvia Poynter ϟ

Modelos - derpet: Experts: Novatas: LIKE A BOSS

6 years ago

Melie Arana

RT @TheFunnySayings: Kissing a girl on the cheek (good). Kissing a girl in the mouth (awesome). Kissing a girl in front of her Ex (boss)

6 years ago


RT @PTS_Rico: RT if you 'CoolOnMost'

6 years ago

ill lue mon ated

I keep having dreams about my old job and my old boss who is dead.. when you don't have many father figures you tend to hold on..

6 years ago


@DanielAgger boss goal today well win!

6 years ago


RT @angelinaburnett: Just unfollowed Starz. It won't bring Boss back but it sure felt good.

6 years ago


I'm down to ride and deserve a boss who down to provide

6 years ago

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