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@orb1tzy @Hime_Lalice @PMachea @BP_VotingTeam Seriously guys? This could start a fanwar. All we want is a 'fair' vo…

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@TriangleDeltas THAT'S GOOD. IT'S A FUN TIME. for real, play it if you like it. It's a great source of BP; g…

2 days ago

🔶vote labour🔶

@KeironTOShea @LeftoriumThe “You shouldn’t be a chairman of a party in this country, go to Venezuela” Nothing raci…

3 days ago

sheila Glover

@RossWHarrington @SidBiggens @Boyintheband @emilyhewertson @DanielFerrie Farage is making sure that we end up stayi…

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