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Yorkshire CCC

.@YorkshireCCC team: Lyth, Brathwaite, Lees, Ballance c, Leaning, Bresnan, Hodd w, Patterson, Fisher, Brooks, Coad.

13 hours ago

Web Buffet Teddy

@bearpaw4242 Ahh...I wasn't sure whether it would be sweet or sour.

just now

Web Buffet Teddy

19. Burgundy, Dark Forest Green or Teal depending on my mood.

30 seconds ago

Bearpaw Onikuma

@Bresnan_Bear Kind of hard to explain the taste is sugary though

47 seconds ago

Web Buffet Teddy

@XaneWolf Thank you Big Guy *wraps a paw around you and squeezes back*

1 minute ago

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Conan O'Brien

A big hello to new White House communications director Hope Hic--what, fired?

1 month ago

Eric Boehlert

guys, it's not a big deal. Trump has only lost his chief strategist, his communications director and his press 3 wks

1 month ago

italian style

What you need to know about Donald Trump's new interim White House communications director, Hope Hicks.

1 month ago