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BAFTA Los Angeles

"We should all try to be somebody who makes everyone feel like somebody. I learned that from my mom-" Ava Duvernay,…

1 day ago


Congratulations to @emiliaclarke and @JimCarrey, who will be honoured at this year's @BAFTALA Britannia Awards! The…

1 week ago


@NATO Utbrudd pågår mot Norge og Stor britannia.Av overtro og innbilning om Den lille istid.Den lille istid skal forklares med Fysikk.

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Dana pallessen🌟🌟🌟

RT @WilliamOfMercia: Queen Boudica, the archetypical warrior-queen who exemplifies the fighting spirit of Britannia (died c. 61 AD). https:…

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Brian Schatz

One. Republican. Senator. Could. Change. History.

1 month ago

James Woods

Whether you love or hate him, Trump’s ascendancy to the presidency was a once-in-a-century miracle. He was literall…

1 month ago

Scott Dworkin

This speech by Barack Obama is one of the greatest, most timely, and most important, in the history of this country…

1 month ago


RT @KayaJones: Did a former President really put himself into the mix today because the election is coming up&they are losing?When in histo…

1 month ago