Brushes tweets

Anthony Romeo Santos

@Fancy_Tiffany aww don't say that! U see something you like? (brushes waves) lol

6 years ago

okara imani

@AhLoveSong idk, brushes, hair lotion?lol. whatever you think you might use to dress your hair

6 years ago

Aly B

New makeup brushes from sigma!!!!! :D FINALLYY! I've been waiting all week!!! #blackfriday #online #beauty #

6 years ago


*me walking by an old lady and brushes her gently* Me: Sorry Her: YOU SHOULD BE!!

6 years ago

Hawazen Al Maddah

I see her in all the pretty little girls, teddy bears, barbies, cute outfits, tiny shoes, soft brushes, hula-hoops, nurseries, & cartoons.

6 years ago

Tatiana O'Campo

RT @JaniCxo: Titi got me engraved smashbox make up brushes #specialedition **

6 years ago


atutorials are notoriously difficult to create, as each artist has their own style, brushes, techniques and program

6 years ago

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