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Nipah Grows Meh

Twitter needs a tech account that has a huge following to call out bs every time some rando somehow has a popular d…

10 hours ago

co-op condom

@bea_soup_ @SirLimonada @adri12354 @DarkSoulsGame Not right now no, and it probably won't (assuming From Software a…

14 hours ago

Green Beacon Business Services

Why we ditched our #accounting software for a #bookkeeper - via @zapier

15 hours ago

Claude Cimeus 🇭🇹

@kingraybenn Ahh ya! That’s usually his angle. I think he could be one of the exceptions where a good majority of…

17 hours ago

Allen Holub

Here's a product idea I'll give you for free: software to protect yourself from this BS. The "brave new world" of…

17 hours ago

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