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Emma Butler

Hi @ChaseSupport - when will this issue be resolved?: "Transfer to Travel Partners isn't available right now. Sorry…

2 weeks ago

Vittorio Saggiomo (

@aykutsaglam @OliverChild @beniroquai The camera is not a problem. The electronics on the extremely cheap board may…

2 weeks ago

Brendan Dolan-Gavitt

@elnardu @ldklinux I'm sure what I'm doing now (pillaging the browser cookie database and scraping a CSRF token out…

2 weeks ago


@Calzonification @uraniumsnorter if a web browser runs terrible on "all PCs" you own, I'm pretty sure that the prob…

2 weeks ago

Chris McMahon

@hugs @msurguy two different topics: the web is great, javascript in the browser was a mistake; also, the Pony Expr…

2 weeks ago